The Latest

What is your latest? To an artist the ending of the sentence may be…you’re only as good as your latest work. I really don’t feel that I am only as good as that but because my intension as an artist is that every piece I create is just an expression of where I am mentally and spiritually at the moment. Or in other words, its an expression of what I’m feeling at the moment. For me creating art whether its through documentaries or photography is about giving visibility and a voice to things that often go unnoticed or unheard. I am interested in how seeing or hearing these things makes people feel. Can it brighten their day just a bit, or make them feel a little less invisible. This is a place where I will be posting some of my art.  Whether its something I have worked on for a while, a completed project or an in-process spur of the moment creation. I know posting will brighten my day and make me feel less isolated in doing the work. I hope it brightens your day just a little bit too and makes you feel visible to the world.

Drag black pride2

Published by Alison Duke

I'm a writer, producer and director enjoying the process wherever I go and whatever I'm working on.

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