Reflections of Wata

  Reflections of Wata is a video installation created by Alison Duke for the New-Found-Lands Exhibition: exploring historical and contemporary connections between Newfoundland and the Caribbean Diaspora.  The exhibition is curated by Pamela Edmonds and Bushra Junaid at the Eastern Edge Gallery from September 9- October 18th. The Krio word for water is wata and thisContinue reading “Reflections of Wata”

The Akua Benjamin Project

The Akua Benjamin Legacy Project is a series of short documentaries celebrating 50 years of black Activism in Toronto, Canada and the lives and legacy of Charles Roach, Dudley Laws, Marlene Green, Rosie Douglas and Gwen and Lenny Johnston, six prominent social justice/civil rights heroes in that struggle. The films were executive produced by veteranContinue reading “The Akua Benjamin Project”