Reflections of Wata by Alison Duke

C-Magazine art review

Reflection of Wata by Alison Duke (1 of 3 multi-screening channels revisited)

I finally got a chance to read Mary McDonald’s very thorough CMagazine’s summer 2017 art review of New-Found-Lands: Exploring the historical and contemporary connections between Newfoundland and the Caribbean diaspora curated by Pamela Edmonds and Bushra Junaid – Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s Newfoundland.

C-Magazine Summer 2017 issue. See Mary MacDonald’s review on page 64

MacDonald writes about the connection I make between water and labour in my mult-screening digital installation entitled Reflections of Wata.  This work is comprised of 3 panels that screen simultaneously.  Digital installations allow me to work more freely with content.  In this medium, I feel like I am not bounded by traditional filmmaking rules of space and time.  And I feel that I can communicate more poetically, rhythmically. Since, I started my journey into the arts writing poetry, perhaps digital installations will become more significant to my artistic practice today.  Go to C-Magazine to read the review of this entire show. 


NEWS FLASH: A single channel of Reflections of Wata will screen in a retrospective film program in Toronto on Black Canadian performance in November 2017.  This retrospective will also feature  The Trilogy (1997) a music video I directed for Motion featuring Apani and Tara Chase. Stay tuned for the official press.



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