Understanding and Finding Our Way – Decolonizing Canadian Education

This is an educational film critiquing the Canadian educational system and all other intersecting institutions which marginalizes Indigenous children and their families.

21 Black Futures – The Prescription

Stepping into hybridity, afrofuturism and BLM When I received that call about The Prescription. The production was well on its way. Maybe 3-4 weeks into the planning and there was a ripple of excitement that rolled down from my neck bone to my toes. Sure, I’ll do it, without hesitation. The Prescription Team 21 PlaywrightsContinue reading “21 Black Futures – The Prescription”

Promise Me

Promise me is a short film inspired by true events about a young girl trying to inspire her sick mom to get better while their lives are under surveillance by child welfare.

Cool Black North

Cool Black North explores the unique and vibrant Canadian Black Community and its role in our country’s contemporary identity. Running Time: 88 minutes Language: English Country: Canada Directed by Alison Duke Written by Aiken Scherberger Produced by Suzanne Steeves and Aiken Scherberger Production 2019 – Canada Production Company: Second Time Around Productions Inc. TV Canadian premiereContinue reading “Cool Black North”

Mr. Jane and Finch

A documentary about Winston LaRose, an 80-year-old community activist, inspires a Toronto community surrounding the intersection of Jane St. and Finch Ave. to challenge the traditional powers and run for political office for the first time. Director: Ngardy Conteh George Writers: Ngardy Conteh George and Alison Duke Producers: Alison Duke and Ngardy Conteh George Cinematographer:Continue reading “Mr. Jane and Finch”

Women’s History Month – a celebration

Even though I love boys just the same, my predicament as a middle child and only girl in a house of five children have given me few different thoughts about this gender thing.

A Goldelox round-up in the summer of 2017

What a wild summer!  There seems to be so much going on in the world and so little time to process it all. One thing I know for sure is that WE ALL need to stand up to hate and stand up for love, but we all need to have EMPATHY for one another. Creatively, this is aContinue reading “A Goldelox round-up in the summer of 2017”

Reflections of Wata by Alison Duke

C-Magazine art review I finally got a chance to read Mary McDonald’s very thorough CMagazine’s summer 2017 art review of New-Found-Lands: Exploring the historical and contemporary connections between Newfoundland and the Caribbean diaspora curated by Pamela Edmonds and Bushra Junaid – Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s Newfoundland. MacDonald writes about the connection I make betweenContinue reading “Reflections of Wata by Alison Duke”